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Bill Bonilla

When asked “What was your best project?” Frank Lloyd Wright answered “The next one”


I can confidently answer the same way because I believe my experience as a licensed contractor since 1976 on Long Island NY, then in New Jersey, helps provide a well rounded, “hands on” perspective on any project I do.


The experience I gained during the time I worked on jobsites was critical for the professional development of the designs I am now able to provide. The design and construction of a home or addition aren’t just sequential steps, but two aspects of the same process.


My experience as an Estimator for a large commercial construction company also adds perspective. I understand that considering every aspect of a project is crucial for producing an intelligent bid.


I am especially focused on functionality because as a person with a physical disability myself, I know how uninviting any setting can become if it does not take into consideration the functional needs of those who live there.


All of the above integrated with an education from a 4 year accredited school in architecture, carpentry and related building disciplines has made my service and skill one that can be trusted.

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